Helping Family Members Honor Their Loved One

Stapper Cemetery Membership

The membership in 1968 consisted of descendents of the Stapper family and immediate descendents of anyone buried in the cemetery prior to that date.  Subsequent sales of lots gave rise to new members; however, sale of lots is still restricted to direct heirs and their spouses. Membership provides an avenue for both direct descendents and non-descendents to support the ongoing maintenance of the cemetery.

This cemetery is funded through three avenues: purchases of burial plots, donations to the Association, and income generated from unspent dollars in the perpetual care fund. Unlike most public cemeteries, this one is vastly less expensive to both reserve a space in and to maintain. However, funds are still very scarce due to the nature of its limiting plots to family members only.

Our bylaws place limits on how the association can use donations that are not labeled for a specific purpose,  so please mark all donations that are given to assist with the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery as  “Upkeep and Maintenance” in the memo line of your check. This will help the organization keep the areas mowed and maintained in a manner that honors your loved one and keeps the grounds accessible to family members who wish to visit.


If you would like to make a donation to the Stapper Cemetery, for upkeep of the grounds and other ongoing expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.  Your assistance is a great way to honor a loved one with a gift that helps provide perpetual care to the Cemetery.  All donors or those they wish to honor will be recognized (if desired) at our next meeting

  • _____ $25
  • _____ $50
  • _____ $100
  • _____ $150
  • _____ $200

______ other

This donation is in honor of


Please complete, detach and mail this form to:

Stapper Cemetery, c/o

Kay Penshorn Vincent, Treasurer
9139 Olathe Houston, TX 77055-4506

How To Purchase a Plot:

Burial Plots

For descendents of those buried at the Stapper Cemetery, burial plots are available for purchase at the price of $100 each.   Each burial plot purchase also requires a deposit of $250 for a headstone, which will be refunded once the headstone is installed.

To purchase a plot (or plots); please contact Kay Penshorn Vincent, Treasurer at 713.854.6485.